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Queer Abstraction

June–September 2019
Curated by Jared Ledesma
Des Moines Art Center, Iowa
December–March 2020
The Nerman Museum, Kansas

Two works, In A Different Voice, 2019, and In the Month of June 2016, 2017, are sited in the Museum's I.M. Pei wing. The backside of In a Different Voice is placed in conversation with a permanent installation of a Sol Lewitt wall painting.

"For more than a century, many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer artists have turned to the language of abstraction to illustrate diverse facets of sexuality and gender. In response to specific struggles—such as the criminalization of homosexuality, the Civil Rights Movement, and the AIDS crisis—queer artists have embraced abstraction to communicate their unauthorized desires and identities through an accepted mode of art. Marsden Hartley’s modernist portrait of his fallen lover, Louise Fishman’s queer feminist canvases, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s tender, conceptual works are but a few examples. Currently, abstract art that embodies this mode of expression has gained the moniker “Queer Abstraction,” and has become a growing aesthetic force during the present, unsettling era. Queer Abstraction unites contemporary artists who utilize the amorphous possibilities of abstraction to convey what it means to exist on the margins." Des Moines Art Center