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Stranger Suite

July 2014
Presented by New York Performance Artists Collective as part of the I <3 Fire Island series
Part 1, Performed by Jonathan VanDyke, 5 hours
Part 2, Performed by David Raphael Botana and Bradley Teal Ellis, 3 hours
Part 3, Performed by Laryssa Husiak, 3 hours
Photos: Sam Draxler and Freja Mitchell

Stranger Suite revolves around a charged notion of “looking.” It takes its title from the Albert Camus novel The Stranger, which features a protagonist increasingly alienated from society. The works transpose this existential framework onto Fire Island settings like the beach and the Meat Rack, inflecting the term “looking” not only with homosexual desire, but more symbolically with searching – both for oneself and for others – calling out, finding a path, losing track, making contact. Sites are marked literally with glances, wandering figures and accumulated paint, which oozes from a totemic sculpture, a woman’s purse, and the costumes of two dancers as they engage each other in both tender and rough physical play. -- David Everitt Howe, curator