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The Patient Eye

48-hour performance, April 2018
Performed by Jonathan VanDyke
The Columbus Museum, Georgia

In his 48-hour performance created for The Columbus Museum, Jonathan VanDyke stands and silently contemplates 16 historic quilts for 3 hours each. The artist selected these rarely-displayed quilts––many of which have never been on public view––from the collection vaults. Dating back to the early nineteenth century and measuring up to 9 feet across, the quilts were originally made as functional objects and used in the domestic sphere, and many of their makers are anonymous. Taking place across 7 days within an installation the artist designed for the museum’s central galleria space, the project offers expansive views of these objects’ graphically dynamic, abstract patterns.

Each quilt is first displayed horizontally on a platform before being hoisted up vertically and exhibited like a painting or tapestry. Viewers have access to both the front and the back of these objects, where details such as piecing and stitching come into view. Open storage racks, and a large table where museum personnel and volunteers prepare each quilt for the performance, offer public access to collection management tasks that are typically out of view. Visitors are encouraged to gather around the quilts along with the artist and experience their own version of slow looking.

Organized by Jonathan Frederick Walz, Curator of American Art, The Columbus Museum

To receive a PDF or hard copy of the exhibition pamphlet printed for the exhibition, please email studio[at]jonathanvandyke.com

LIST of quilts in the Performance


ESSAY by Jonathan VanDyke


ESSAY by Jonathan Frederick Walz





The Columbus Museum


Click here for link to Live Stream documentation of a portion of the performance on You Tube